New to Facebook Business Manager?

QUESTION:  Why is Facebook changing things?  Why do I need a "Business Manager"?  I liked the way things worked before.

ANSWER:   It is the way of the future for Facebook for several reasons

  1. SEPARATION: In short, Business Manager allows Facebook to keep your personal profile (what you did last night, what pages you like) separate from your business.  
  2. SECURITY:  As Facebook states, "To make your ad accounts and Pages more secure, we're requiring anyone who shares login information for their Pages and ad accounts with other people to change the way they sign in."
  3. SPEED:   It does require you to use TWO apps on your phone:  the regular Facebook app for personal usage, as well as the "Pages" app (download here) for your business usage.    However, it makes doing business tasks much easier to have a dedicated "Pages" app (available on both iOS for iPhone/iPad as well as Android).

Think of it like this:   you might have a personal car for getting around town, but you might also buy a van with a logo on the side for shuttling employees and equipment around in your business.   You'd get a personal loan for the personal car, but the van you might lease in the name of your LLC/INC.


QUESTION:   How do I post to my page now?  I used to do that from my regular Facebook app or page.

ANSWER:  Here's how the way you post has changed:

  1. Once a business page is in a FBBM, then an owner like you will access it slightly differently.  You can go to at any time to see that you still have access to your page but now through the Business Manager.
  2. On desktop, when on a Facebook page in your web browser, you will click on the little down arrow in the UPPER RIGHT CORNER, then click on "Manage Pages", and you'll be able to do all your normal posting to your page.
  3. On mobile devices, there is now a "Facebook Pages" app for businesses to manage their interactions with their pages. It's the new way going forward. You can learn more about it, including how to download it here and also with a 90 second tutorial video. You use your normal FB app for posting as yourself but you use the Pages app when posting as your Business Page.


QUESTION:  Why did this happen when I used Brevi though?

ANSWER:  It will happen when you use any properly-designed advertising tool built by a Facebook partner like Brevi.   This is the way forward, for the good reasons stated above.   Facebook asks us to interact with you through the "Business Manager" and we create one for you if you did not already have one.


QUESTION:  What is an example of the problems that are solved by Facebook's fixing this?

ANSWER:   A common problem was that someone would try to post on their Business Page as the business, but instead would post as an individual person.  This gets very confusing, both for the owner as well as your customers.   As Facebook tries to bring more communications tools -- such as chat-like messaging -- to Business Pages, this will only get worse without a good solution like "Business Manager."


Here is Facebook's own help Q&A about Business Manager

So, in short, it's a one-time switchover to get used to the new way of doing things, but, like most upgrades, it's happening for a very good reason.   Please email us if you have any questions or concerns.




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