Remove content restrictions on your Facebook business page

SUMMARY:  If you were sent to this page from, then we determined that your Facebook page has restrictions on it.  (Otherwise, see if you can find your Facebook page when you google for the words:  facebook business name cityname.)   Having a restricted page is generally a bad thing in 99.99% of cases, and below we will tell you how to correct it.

BACKGROUND:  If your Facebook business page has any restrictions set on it, your page is INVISIBLE to Google, UNVIEWABLE by anyone logged out from Facebook, and also prevents our signup procedure from automatically using your Facebook content in setting up your page.  Facebook does allow you to limit the people that can see your fan page.  Some businesses need to be restricted by age (e.g., wine/beer) or by geography (e.g., a European distributor who does not have rights to sell in the United States).

DOES THIS AFFECT YOU?     If you have any restrictions, Google's search crawlers cannot access your page, and thus your page is excluded from the public internet.  This defeats your whole purpose in having a Facebook fan page for marketing.   


  1. Go to your fan page to access the Admin Panel.
  2. Click on Manage. Then click on Edit Page.
  3. Check that you are on the Manage Permissions landing page
  4. From there you should make sure that the Country Restrictions box is empty and that the Age Restrictions box is set to Anyone (13+).

These are the most liberal visibility settings for Facebook and will maximize your visibility.   (credit to b2c's tutorial for these steps)


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