Create a new Facebook page for your business

  1. Create a Facebook business page at Click on "Local Business or Place", then select the right category for your business (e.g., "Restaurant/Cafe") and fill in the name and address information for the business. Make sure to get all the spelling and punctuation correct as this information will be used automatically in other places.
  2. Upload a business profile picture. The profile picture sits inside the larger cover photo on the Facebook page. The larger cover photo can be added once your page is set up. (You can see the difference between the two photos at: You can change your picture at any time so you can just pick something to get going -- maybe even just take a pic with your phone.
  3. Mark your page as "Published" so the world can see it.   While your Page is unpublished, you'll see a dialog at the top of your Facebook Page indicating that your Page is not currently visible to non-admins. There is a link there to Publish Your Page. This will instantly set your Facebook Page to published and make it visible to the public. You can also publish your Page from the Edit Page section.

Congratulations - your business is now live on Facebook!

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