How to Get a Short Name for Your FB Business Page

When you first generate a Facebook business page, the URL for it is quite clunky.  It looks something like this:


That's quite a mouthful to tell someone, even via email. And with the over 18 million businesses on Facebook, it might be tough to expect them to find your store via FB search.

So the best bet is to register a short username for your page (you can also register one for your own personal Facebook profile but DO NOT GET THE TWO CONFUSED).    

Once you have a short username, your FB page URL can look like:

    or even shorter:


To be prompted for which (if you have multiple) business page you want to generate a username, click below:

         (requires FB login)

The “Page Name” drop-down list displays all pages where you are currently an admin. Simply select the correct business page, then “Enter Desired Username” will pop up on the right. Whatever you type in this box will placed directly after “” in your URL.


  1. Be sure to capitalize each word you enter in that box, as it will retain capitalization when users visit your page, which makes it more readable and memborable. (However, users can still enter it in lowercase -- rendercoffee and RenderCoffee lead to the same page.)
  2. Once you click “Check Availability”, you will never be able to go back and make changes. Triple-check your spelling!


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