Why does Brevi need permissions to access Facebook on my behalf?

First off, sometimes merchants are worried about whether we post to their personal timeline.  We do not have access to that, and we have never posted to that.   We've worked with many businesses like yours, all of whom grant us access.   As an approved Facebook partner, we are strict about what we can do.
Brevi runs paid advertisements connected to your FB business page.  To do that successfully, we require business-related permissions to manage the ads themselves, your FB business object, and the business page.
If you personally are the admin for your FB business page, then Facebook generally does all login via your personal account, so that's why you see FB's permissions popup asking about you personally.   Rest assured:  this is how it works and we never do anything with your personal timeline or your personal data.    
Facebook's terminology in their popup permissions boxes is confusing.    Pages are business pages, and never have anything to do with your personal page (which is called a timeline).    Business in FB terminology just refers to your location, its business page, etc.    
IMPORTANT:  We only ask for permissions we require, so you must accept all the requested permissions in order to work with us.  (Some apps, particularly mobile apps, ask for things they don't need and still operated if you only give them a reduced set of permissions.   As a merchant-friendly business app, we only ask for what we need.)
NOTE:  Older pages may operate with a separate Facebook account logging in to manage the page.  (Facebook no longer encourages or supports this model but some people still have accounts set up this way.)  If that is the case, then you should log in to Facebook under that account before running Brevi.


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